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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 10, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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we saw it up close and personal last week and convey it sooner than anyone else. your money, your life, your livelihood. why we're live in washington this weekend as well. because there is that cliff coming. that catastrophe we're trying to avert. i'm one man but i'm trying to save the planet. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with kimberly guilyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: hearing on capitol hill wrapped up moments ago where state department officials were grilled about what happened when terrorists killed four americans in benghazi on september 11. last knight, the state department admitted for the first time that there was no protest before the attack. contrary to what they said before. the story doesn't end at the state department or on capitol hill for that matter. it goes to the other end of pennsylvania avenue as well.
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henry school board jay carne carney -- henry asked jay carney if the administration was straightforward about what happened. >> did out or others mislead the public because you didn't want to admit there was a terror attack? >> absolutely not. president of the united states referred to it as act of terror after it occurred. two, kennedy, the under-secretary of state management is testifying in public today. i look to what he says before your cameras and the american people rather than what the congressional sources may be telling you. >> if you are citing that president used act of terror why were you at the podium for several days saying we don't know if it's terrorism. >> i never said. that i never said we don't know it's terrorism. >> dana: that is a who's on first briefing. you did say it. no, i didn't. i did. it was terror. you watched the whole thing on capitol hill. it didn't get any better.
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>> eric: the problem is jay carney is lying to the american people. the man did say that he blamed the movie. the day after, hillary clinton came out and said the movie, following day. it was the movie. day five, ambassador susan rice who is in the state department under hillary clinton said it was the movie. she told everyone. five days later carney said it's the movie. on air force one he said it's the movie. the day before the hearing, yesterday, the day before the congressional hearing, the state department says by the way, we knew all along it was terrorism. we knew we had credible evidence all along. we never said it was the movie, but they did. hillary clinton said it. ambassador rice said it. this is a white house coverup. the state department says we're not part of the coverup. we'll tell the truth the day before the hearing. they stonewalled for three weeks so we couldn't find out what happened. meanwhile, four americans are dead. >> dana: i want to back up
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what you're saying with the video. watch. this you decide. >> why hasn't the president given a speech or news conference laying out to the american people for aftermath of what was a terror attacks, four americans killed. instead the republicans have been hitting him, talking about big bird several days on the campaign trail. he doesn't talk about this act of terror when he goes out and talks with voters. wife won't he talk about it? >> i do not agree with your assessment he hasn't been talking about this. it is also the case that there is a campaign going on, and he is out there just like his opponent talking about a variety of issues that are of interest to american people. >> dana: bob, you given great advice to many people over the years. can you share some now with the administration? >> bob: i would handoff the shovel to somebody, because the hole is getting too deep. the state department testimony today was quite good. it was no smoking gun there. they did it in real-time. i think they explain
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themselves quite well. never was a direct request for more security. although there was a warning about security. i think at this stage of the game when you get in a situation like this, he said, she said, he said, simply say look, we just should have laid this thing out. we have didn't do it. let's get out from underneath this thing. >> dana: listen to one more bite from the hearing today on capitol hill, from lieutenant colonel andrew wood who would disagree there wasn't a request for more. >> and your knowledge of the situation in libya, did you come towto a conclusion whether this was a terrorist act or whether it was based on a film on the internet? lieutenant colonel wood? >> it was instantly recognizable to me as a terrorist attack. >> instantly recognizable? >> yes, sir. >> why is that? >> mainly because of my prior knowledge there. i almost expected the attack to come. we were the last flag flying.
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it was a matter of time. >> dana: kimberly, your thoughts. >> kimberly: this is somebody who was actually there, versus the other ambassador who was never there. if you look at ambassador kennedy, they have never been on the ground to libya. they seem to be stone walled. you couldn't get anything out of them. you say they did a good job. not really. they were evasive, incorn tent and uninformed and trying to hide the truth. that's the assessment of many people watching. >> dana: how do all the things that happen before. i want to watch this, show this montage and get greg's take. look at what clinton and obama said since the attack. >> there is no justifycation, none at all, for responding to this video with violence.
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>> we have seen rage directed to embassy over an awful internet video we had nothing to do with. >> in fact, this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> greg: they are spinning more tails than tuxedo factory. i give that a "b." >> dana: that's okay. >> bob: that is generous. >> greg: i was off yesterday. i have a little bit of a hangover. the big issue with this thing, what spread the riots? not just initial riots but the riots that came afterwards. you know who spread them? the administration did. the administration is responsible for what happened by blaming the video. they appeased a mob, incited the mob to commit more mob violence. scoopy-doo grad students living a adult fantasy in which america is always at fault, all the way to the point americans get killed. they cannot divorce
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themselveses from the idiotic idea. the only thing that is evolving, the only thing evolving is the own stupidity. carney should be teaching traffic school in milpedes. >> bob: where is that? >> greg: california. >> bob: he was not there. he left in august, one. two, he did not say in that -- >> kimberly: i said he had been in libya. that is a correct statement. >> bob: okay. i wasn't trying to correct you. >> kimberly: just in case. >> bob: other thing he did not say oncead asked for more security. when they did ask for more security, they got more security. >> eric: you are complaining two issues. stay on what happened and what the white house and state department -- >> bob: trying to set the record straight. >> eric: state department blamed the movie. white house jumped on board around the 15th or so, saying it was the movie, the movie. then hours before the hearing they said the white house, you're on your own.
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she is head of the state department; is he is not, bob? she runs the state department. >> bob: it was a despicable movie and it was. >> eric: she blamed the movie. stop. she blamed the movie. >> greg: you are talking about the movie "hope floats." >> eric: they blamed the movie. >> bob: they didn't. >> eric: when push came to shove and someone had to raise the right hand, hillary clinton said you're on your own. >> bob: look at the tape. what she said it was a despicable movie. that's all she said. >> dana: it was unmistakable that the state department and white house for days was tel telling the world, including our enemies we are willing to blame a video for mob violence. then you fine out there wasn't any mob and it was a preplanter rorrist attack. the guy that did the video and said he today, 55-year-old was in court to defend himself after having being picked up for parol violation based on this attack.
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the state department is going to apologize to him? >> bob: for him? >> dana: to him. >> eric: felon. he was dragged out of his home in the middle of the night, perp walked in front of the cameras. basically saying this is the reason for all the violence going on. we find out now nothing to do with it. >> kimberly: it's not a parol violation. it means he would be sent to prison. it's pro base violation, anybody can have for a misdemeanor offense, to be placed on probation. he had probation violation. trust me. they don't commit the resources and keep someone and pull them in like that, like they are a terrorist threat. >> bob:er the reasonable picture. this guy is a terrible man. >> greg: i'm beginning to think he might not be so terrible. the way the reaction, the reaction that was falsely based on this is proving his point. i want to know will kathryn bigelow make a film about president obama getting the film maker in that is a great
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victory for the administration. we have a real problem with priorities. we're putting hurt feelings before our own security. afraid to say there is evil in the world. this is what happens when you have an administration that takes the cues from west wing reruns. >> eric: you know what else? one step further. dry run, is this a test? is this let's try it here to see what happens and what the response is? if it's not bad, if we get away it with no, retaliation, laura logan said it yesterday -- >> bob: your attack on snore if someone punchs you in the face, what do you do? >> eric: you punch them back. >> greg: the fact is, they're words, bob. they're words. people make fun of more moms all the time, christians all the time. it's words. if you are so insecure about your religion that somebody making a joke about it, forces you to have to kill them, that says a lot about the religion. >> bob: they overretake this stuff. >> greg: their problem.
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overreaction. >> dana: gives them an excuse that is false an lie, it was about a video makes it worse. i tells our enemies we are not on the ball. >> greg: president obama believed in his heart that it was our fault. and that's where -- i keep asking where is the source that made him think that the video was at fault, in his heart. >> kimberly: he is the source. >> dana: they cut the video for the pakistan psa for $70,000 to do a psa to let the pakistanis know it wasn't the video. >> kimberly: that apology tour. you in your heart and your head don't belief the nonsense. they lied to american people and committed act of declassifying terrorist act 24 hours of it happening. >> bob: i do not believe president obama blames us and not terrorists. that's crazy. >> greg: you are one of the biggest critics of the muslim treatment of coptic christian. the filmmaker was a coptic christian. >> bob: i don't think the way to deal with it is call
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prophet muhammad homosexual. >> greg: that is freedom of expression. i wouldn't do it. he did it. he is in jail. >> bob: is this almost over? >> greg: no, we're doing another 20 minutes on this. >> dana: there is enough material there. coming up, actress stacy dash, she is not going to let the racist backlash on twitter stop her from supporting mitt romney. you hear from her. plus, why did the "associated press" publish this photo of mitt romney? we'll tell you next on five "the five." ♪ ♪ well, if it isn't mr. margin.
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: now to main stream bias in presidential race. take a look at the photo put out by the "associated press." mitt romney was campaigning in virginia, and stopped to greet a group of kids.
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a photographer snapped this shot a young girl standing behind him, obviously reacting to something that wasn't hi behind, bob. the a.p. decided not only to publish the photo and wrote a caption that can be described as romney posing for photos with students of fairfield elementary school. think they could have gotten a different photo, better photo. you said they read they really -- >> dana: i don't know, i get all of my information on twitter. somebody said the a.p. tweeted an apology today, they could have labeled it better or something. they're moving fast and catchtition is high, they found something and thought it was interesting and cute and made a judgment call on revision, on second thought -- >> greg: you are being diplomatic. this would haven't happened with obama. remember how many pictures with a he low on the cover of magazines? >> kimberly: that is real.
2:18 pm
>> bob: remember bill clinton was asked if you wear boxers or briefs? >> greg: but that was on mtv to make him look funny. this is to make romney look stupid. >> bob: too much overreaction to this thing. >> greg: maybe it is. it's on the show so let's ove overreact. >> bob: he was taking a picture with the kids. >> eric: if you look at that, you have to know the perspective of the shot. you don't know if it was close to romney. he could have been standing up. the a.p. is one of the most -- one of the biggest wire service, if not the biggest wire service in the world. but they push not just taking pictures and not commenting. they're pushing in through some of the pictures and
2:19 pm
stories. directions, they editorializing the ideologically with the pictur pictures. inc. they are sitting down -- >> kimberly: they are sitting down to take a picture with the kids. >> greg: let me see it again. to me it's an add for amodium. >> kimberly: i went to you for that? they are not apologizing for photo. >> greg: they -- he is happy joining them. sitting down to join the group. >> kimberly: they did it on purpose. they wouldn't do it to obama. obvious. >> greg: i'm outraged. >> eric: now they have to compete. not winning in the standard
2:20 pm
business. >> greg: are we going to spend a lot of -- >> bob: are we going to spend time on this? >> greg: if it was your guy, you'd be ticked. >> kimberly: now we go to obama to talk about the debate. this is obama's reaction. >> the debate, fair to say i was too polite. hard to keep saying what you're saying isn't true. it gets repetitive. we'll see more activity. at the next one. biden will be terrific in the debate this week. >> kimberly: what do you make of this? >> eric: it's another excuse. romney lied and i was too nice. how about this? i blew it. it suck. move on. try to do it again next time. do better. >> greg: imagine a ball player saying i was too nice on the field.
2:21 pm
>> kimberly: we are looking for a president not someone to win most courteous. forget politeness. do your home work and have answers and ideas about what to do to fix the country in every category. >> dana: safe to overcorrect. we saw women in particular after that debate go to romney side. you are a jerk to mitt romney and the next debate, not going to reflect well. >> bob: what he said was telling about the next time it is not going to be the same way. part of that is biden. biden will go through ryan -- he will use a buzz saw on him. >> greg: actual one? >> dana: on friday you will say the expectations for biden were set entirely too high. >> bob: expectations for biden are not high.
2:22 pm
>> eric: if he wins, debates don't matter. >> dana: first time in our history, vice presidential debate will matter. >> eric: if you think that debate is the difference between winning and losing, terrible mistake. bob, look, long time we said whoever has the ball last will win the game. so far, romney has the ball. he hasn't fumbled it yet. >> bob: three weeks to go. long track record of fumbling. obama should have blown his job. he did his job. romney did not tell the truth. he should have called him out on it. >> kimberly: listen to this. this is talking about the race. places like north carolina, virginia, we've painted them red. not pulling those states again. focus on remain states.
2:23 pm
>> florida, north carolina and virginia will go to romney? >> that's right. we look at the polling data in florida and virginia and north carolina. >> kimberly: a liberal pollster saying it's a lock for romney. >> bob: i suggest he go back to polling school. i know this guy, he is a decent pollster. but to suggest that you write off three states. north carolina make sense. florida, probably getting close. no way you can call virginia. obama is ahead in virginia. 60% of the vote in virginia. all democratic. i don't believe it for a second that's right. >> kimberly: okay. that is your opinion. thank you for participating. tomorrow fox has coverage of the vice presidential debate. i'm going to kentucky for kentucky fried chicken and give you a preview in person of the fantastic debate.
2:24 pm
>> greg: where are you staying? >> kimberly: yeah, right. two of america's most prominent -- [ inaudible ] their critique next on "the five." i don't want you to get in the hotel room and jump in the bathtub. ♪ ♪ mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: job creators revolt. business leaders delivering another blow to obama bid for four more years. welsh, otis and wynn, iconic business leaders vote for four more weeks.
2:29 pm
former ceo of general electric, employed 410,000 people at the height. global business leader and he questioned the labor department, guess what? he got attacked by the left. pull up austan goolsbee. the lay dor department for the same thing. in other words, the government cooked the books. go to you first on this one. if it's against their guys they attack. >> dana: i know austan goolsbee. in 2003, might have been 18. he looks so young. if president bush created in a month 310,000 jobs said it wasn't good enough. abysmal, terrible. now singing a different tune.
2:30 pm
>> kimberly: what about the numbers? >> bob: walked it back. >> eric: he did not. >> bob: yes, he did. hold on, hold on. [ overtalk ] >> bob: the "wall street journal" -- >> kimberly: the economy would need to be growing at breakneck speed in the course of two months. impossible. >> eric: the headline from welsh. "i was right about the strange jobs report." >> bob: the one thing you can't do is take that department and cook books. it doesn't work. it doesn't work. conspiracy in the labor department. >> dana: i agree but the model, it's an imprecise way of measuring. >> bob: that's right, as every presidential candidate -- >> kimberly: the criteria and how they measure. this is basic math. >> eric: so many variables coming up with the numbers.
2:31 pm
they can cook the books. >> bob: you think they got 10,000 people in the department together? g the big point here, businessmen are coming around. obama has been in business the way cats been to mice. he's destroying them. nobody is saying anything about it. we had one year at least of class warfare with president obama assuming the role as both the unofficial leader of occupy wall street. it's time, the job creator to say look, we're tired of being bothered -- >> eric: hold on. i teased it. got to do it. darden restaurant clarence otis said he is going to test cutting back hours for all stores to come in profitability because of obamacare and this one importantly. i know you want to talk about this. steve wynn, 16,000 employees one of the most successful businessmen in the world. his quote. steve wynn, i'll be damned if i want to have him, obama, lecture me about small business and jobs.
2:32 pm
guys like me are job creators. we have don't like having bullseyes on our back. i can't stand the idea of being demagogueed. put down by a president who is never created any jobs and who doesn't even understand how the economy works. >> bob: the idea of being demagogueed by steve wynn to me this guy -- >> dana: why? >> bob: he started in out the garbage business. >> kimberly: so what? >> greg: somebody has to pick up the garbage. >> bob: they do. they pay for the landfills out here and dump them out here. >> dana: use them in commercials. >> bob: steve wynn is one of the most devious, deceitful people i have ever run across. the idea that this guy -- he runs a bunch of casinos. it won't say what i'd like to say because i don't want to get sued. >> kimberly: you seem to like him. >> bob: i don't like him. >> kimberly: you like casinos. >> bob: i won't go to one of his. he's a jerk. >> greg: only jobs obama created are the people apologizing for obama not creating jobs. >> bob: since june, 5 million. june of 20095. million.
2:33 pm
>> kimberly: his comments are spot on. it's what romney said in the debate when he schooled the community organizer on the economy and jobs. he doesn't have a clue. that's why people are reacting. even all the banking money behind them, boys at goldman are all backing romney now. >> eric: got to go. coming up -- double down on her romney endorsement after getting a racial backlash on twitter. we have the tape. later, bill o'reilly has a big interview with ben afleck tonight. stick around. we'll share it with you. ♪ ♪ [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here today, heated congressional inquiry in the administration's response to
2:38 pm
the deadly attack on the u.s. mission in libya. tonight on "special report," house committee hearing group contentious quickly with the republicans challenging state department officials on the administration's conflicting accounts on the attack. and the lack of security in benghazi. we will look at the timeline and what the president and others said from the beginning. mitt romney campaigning in crucial battleground state of ohio. we have your first look at brand new fox polls at 6:00 p.m. to see if the post debate momentum is continuing. supreme court heard arguments today on university of texas affirmative action policy that considers race in some college a admissions. protesters on both sides of the issue were outside the high court this morning. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now we'll send it back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪
2:39 pm
♪ >> greg: you were in the go-goes, dan, a weren't you? don't answer me. what is your problem? >> dana: i was going to let you start your monologue. >> greg: all right. she's testy today. romney has declined to appear on nickelodeon to discuss key issues with the creepy things called children. yuck! no surprise, president obama jumped at the chance. the top concerns for kids are free ice cream, world harmony and that all pet goes to even. throw in birth control and demand and you have lefty brain. if you review what the skids asked obama in taping of the presidential special, you can't blame mitt for not showing up. they asked about gun control, same-sex marriage, bullying and, of course, obesity. sorry, they seemed choreographed enough to be white house press conference. you think obama might have learned the prep work does him no favors. this is a fun-size version of "the view."
2:40 pm
i prefer a president who doesn't play to preteens and not interested in placating their corn certains if detention is human rights violation. president, not a guidance counselor. even though his foreign policy suggests otherwise. i want to know if he can deal with china, not pigtails and runny nose and hankers for justin bieber. but it beats jim lehrer and maybe he could kill two birds with one stone. yes, i said kill big birds! kids are props who can't vote. >> dana: true. i was so glad when i saw that romney said no, sorry, i don't have time for this. great decision. >> greg: eric, if romney had gone ahead and done it wouldn't they have made him look like a scary adult? like the evil father. >> eric: animation in the "a" and "e" block.
2:41 pm
can by honest? it's myth. i have a 14-year-old son, i love he is getting in politics. not a bad idea to start kids in politics. they grasp it. we don't give them credit as much as they runsing. >> greg: issues like economic, they should get involved in that. >> dana: 14-year-olds don't watch nickelodeon, do they? >> eric: they do. >> dana: i thought he watched other things. >> eric: they watch other stuff, but they pass it -- they start them at eight, nine, ten years old on nickelodeon, they start consuming political news and information. >> kimberly: big deal, there is a lot of big-time rush, all of that, michelle obama was at. that changes the programming from 6:00 p.m. on, geared toward, you know, teenagers. eric chase's age. >> greg: i don't care. i honestly don't care. >> kimberly: you know why? get to the truth of the matter. you're a hater on little people, children. >> greg: i don't like people
2:42 pm
half my age taller than me. >> kimberly: there you go. >> greg: i want to talk about stacy dash -- >> bob: can i make a point? we have gone to the point we are beating up obama for talking to kids? >> greg: yes. >> kimberly: i like it. >> bob: do you think we'll run out of things? >> dana: they defended obama. >> bob: romney would have scared the hell out of those people. >> kimberly: eric and i defended it. >> greg: stacy dash, since we teased it 100 times. endorsement romney got hate. she showed up on piers morgan with this to say. >> it's my right as an american citizen. my constitutional right to have my choice, of who i want to vote for, for president. /chose him not by color of his skin but the content of his character. we're all capable of achieving the american dream. you know, that has to be something that is
2:43 pm
self-realized. also, to demonize someone for achieving the american dream. is unfair. >> greg: i like when he said it's okay -- >> dana: there is nothing more endeering than a brit speaking about the first amendment. it really just warms the heart. >> greg: isn't twitter great to expose to rapt of tolerant? the left wing who believe in the greater good will wish your -- there is a guy with the ph.d., told her to kill herself. >> eric: she delivered a perfect line. i chose romney for his beliefs not for the color of his skin. fantastically done. @realstaceydash. >> bob: i didn't bring the list. i forgot it. but this is what i was called in one week on twitter. >> greg: it's true. >> bob: by the right winger wingers. mao, stalin, hitler --
2:44 pm
>> greg: that was all from pat cadell. >> bob: the idea the hatred is on the left. the right has more hatred than anyone -- i'm the receiver of it. >> greg: left created it. put a patent on it. >> bob: that yahoos out there, believe me. they run around, redneck yaho yahoos. >> greg: you bully people and they come at you. >> bob: i bully? >> kimberly: that is not a nice statement. bob, that is not a nice statement to say redneck, that is not nice. >> eric: hitler, stalin, mao, did they call you obama also? >> dana: yikes. >> greg: coming up, it's bill o'reilly versus afte ben affleck. we have the tape what ben thinks president obama has accomplished. i think he is a great actor. i love him in the "bourne identity." >> dana: that hurts.
2:45 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bob: before i get in segment, somebody twittered bob is in a good mood today. i am but you have to understand when you think i'm in a bad mood, you sit in this seat. i'm not feeling sorry for myself but it's tough some days. >> dana: can we get back to the show? >> bob: see what i mean. ben affleck is talking politics again. bill o'reilly sat down with him. we have the only one clip before it airs on the "factor." >> if you had to point to one thing about president obama that he has accomplished, that impressed you, what would it be? >> well, accomplished makes it sound tricky. >> just one. >> he advocated, tried to do a number of things and he has been stymied. the major policy goal of changing the tax structure so the wealthy pay their fair share to me is towering of
2:50 pm
importance. >> there is philosophy on liberal america. we're fat caters 1%ers. >> indeed. >> philosophy is ben affleck and o'reilly can pony up 40-45% of what they've got and spread it around. >> i thought we were returning to the prebush tax cut numbers but i agree. i don't know what yours looks like but i don't spend so much i can't afford to pay more in taxes. >> bob: catch the full interview tonight at 8:00 p.m. unless you're watching baseball. i had to say it. porter is upset now, i can tell. what do you think about this? i don't care. tell me something about this. what do you like about it? >> kimberly: i like ben affleck. >> bob: i thought it was aflac. >> greg: that's the duck. >> kimberly: nice guy, interviewed with o'reilly before and saying what he believes. he voted for obama before.
2:51 pm
vote for him again. >> greg: has he asked you out? that means yes. when you don't say -- >> bob: that is the one pro-obama thing we did on the show that ben affleck will vote for him again. >> kimberly: i told you it was positive. eric, what do you think about ben affleck? >> eric: i haven't seen the interview. obviously it was taped. but i would hope that bill would ask what is going on in benghazi. the fill system about how to deal with terrorist -- >> bob: one segment we have. >> kimberly: about the iran hostage crisis, which you know about. >> eric: like to see a liberal dance around it. fun. >> kimberly: it's good he made a movie about it. how about that? >> greg: you know what bugs me, he is a talented guy. a great director. better director than actor.
2:52 pm
fair share. the problem with people fabulously wealthy, they can actually advocate their taxes going up because the difference between making $25 million and $45 million is negligible at that range. when you throw other people in the mix who don't make that money it makes a difference. however they're too selfish to realize that. >> bob: dana is close to that. >> dana: yeah, right. it looks like a good movie. i am never persuaded, i don't get excited about hollywood. shark week. that is how i feel about this. >> bob: i lived through the hostage crisis, and credit to the canadian embassy. remarkable way to get them out of tehran. what we have to -- are you covering your ears because you think i'll yell? >> kimberly: yes. >> bob: kimberly, this is for you. ♪ one more thing ♪ is up next >> kimberly: that may be worse. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: time for one more thing. kimberly, since we ruined yours the other day, kick us off today. >> kimberly: no problem. this is one i saw of seventh grade they're received in-school sus specific because the mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she wanted to honor her mother. show her support, so she dyed her hair pink in honor of her
2:57 pm
mother and received a sus specific for doing so. the principal got mad at her. >> bob: the liberal teachers union. >> greg: nicely done. >> dana: what happened to first amendment? >> kimberly: it's national breast cancer awareness month. serious disease. >> eric: i had a great, i have been in a great mood this year. had fun and made good points but i have been cheating. i have to tell you what is going on. i didn't tell you this, but for the whole show, i'm sitting on my forever comfy pillow. >> kimberly: look! >> bob: if that makes you in a good move, bring it every day. >> dana: that makes you taller. >> eric: squish it down. >> dana: bob, yours? >> bob: i had one more thing i was going to say today.
2:58 pm
but the boss of the show refused to let me say it. i'll get you to guess. if you guess, e-mail or tweet, whatever you do. this is a story about a town in maine, vander. >> dana: kennebunkport. >> bob: it's a tourist place, nice town, they have had problems with crime lat lately. i want you to guess what the crime was. >> kimberly: everybody knows. >> bob: no, they don't. get it to me, i'd appreciate it. that's all i have to say. >> dana: very good. ploy to get more followers at robertg beckel. your handle. earlier i said suedeed. i meant swayed. i had suede boots. i'm embarrassed. but nickelodeon segment,
2:59 pm
another reason romney was right to say no to that, one of the actors jason biggs said vile and vulgar things about ann romney and nobody at nickelodeon did anything about it. that also could have been a reason. good one. greg wants me to ask what he did in "american pie." i don't know. i never saw that. >> greg: you don't know what he did in "american pie"? >> dana: no. >> kimberly: don't answer that. >> greg: you should never know what happened there. >> dana: you told me to ask you. >> greg: i was joking. don't do it on the show. it's a family show. crazy person. empowering. to me this is et getting somebody to do something. now it means increasing the spiritual political social educational, gender, sexual abilities of everyone except short, white, males of


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